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What is a CasoCover?2021-09-28T12:55:23+00:00

A new funnier way to make payment, CasoCover is a sticker you can apply on cards and give them a unique design.

Will my card still work?2021-09-28T12:55:53+00:00

Absolutely YES! CasoCover has been developed in a way that won’t affect the functioning of your cards.

Will CasoCover cover card’s number?2021-09-28T12:56:32+00:00

NO! CasoCover has different formats, the half one leaves the numbers visible!

Does the CasoCover ruin my card when I take it off?2021-09-28T12:57:02+00:00

NO! CasoCover works with a special glue that will not leave traces on your cards.

When will I receive my order?2021-09-28T12:57:45+00:00

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